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Article | Trends in smoking in vehicles at a local community-level: Wainuiomata 2005-2013

This research shows the potential for community campaigns to reduce smoking in cars, but legislation is still critical to ensure children are protected.

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Seminar | Novel interventions to reduce smoking among young adults

Don't miss this ASPIRE2025 seminar by Professor Pamela Ling
Wellington 31 July
Auckland 4 August

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Blog | “Why not just ban it?” Is it time to consider ending tobacco sales?

In this Public Health Expert blog, ASPIRE2025 researchers consider some arguments for and against a ban on the production (other than tobacco grown for personal use), importation and sale of tobacco products, whilst not criminalising the use of tobacco.

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Article | Smoking in outdoor areas of bars and cafes: Large differences between midday and evening prevalences

The aim of this study was to further develop the assessment of the prevalence of smoking outside bars/cafe´s in a busy urban area. It is important for smokefree places policymaking to have baseline data on smoking visibility at these places, so as to be able to gauge the effects of policy changes that may alter levels of smoking.

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Letter | Smokefree 2025 – use of mass media in New Zealand lacks alignment with evidence and needs

A steady decline in funding for mass media campaigns to promote smoking reduction is undermining the Government’s goal to achieve a smokefree New Zealand by 2025.

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