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Article | Non-daily, low-rate daily and high-rate daily smoking in young adults: A 17 year follow-up

Young people who have a cigarette occasionally—even just at weekends— have almost four times the odds of becoming a daily smoker by their late 30s compared to non-smokers.

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Article | Youth Preferences for Roll-Your-Own Versus Factory-Made Cigarettes: Trends and Associations in Repeated National Surveys (2006–2013) and Implications for Policy

This study investigated trends in roll-your-own (RYO) and factory-made (FM) cigarette use over time among youth in New Zealand (NZ), a high RYO use country. It also explored factors associated with RYO use such as source of supply and differential tax increases.

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Report | The Power of Exposure

This study investigated the presence and extent of environmental influences on alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking in CBD and suburban streets in Wellington.

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Article | The impact of an increase in excise tax on the retail price of tobacco in New Zealand

Tobacco companies do not appear to be increasing the RRPs of budget brands in line with tobacco excise tax increases.

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Viewpoint | Standardised (plain) packaging: the time for implementation has come

In this NZMJ viewpoint article, our researchers urge the New Zealand Government to implement the standardised packaging legislation as quickly as possible.

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