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Article | “Smoking is bad, it’s not cool…yet I’m still doing it”: Cues for tobacco consumption in a ‘dark’ market

Despite the absence of overt promotion of smoking or cigarettes, evidence shows that attempting quitters struggle to stop smoking. This study explores the stimuli that encourage smoking and failed quit attempts.

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Article | Young Adult Smokers’ and Prior-Smokers’ Evaluations of Novel Tobacco Warning Images

This study compared novel and traditional on-pack warnings as a trigger to prompt cessation among young adults.

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Article | The Global Tobacco Industry

This article discusses the Global Tobacco Industry, their strategies, their allies and the risks and issues they face.

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Article | How do young adult female smokers interpret dissuasive cigarette sticks?

This paper investigates how young adult women smokers, a group the tobacco industry has specifically targeted, interpreted dissuasive sticks.

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Article | Smoke-free policies in New Zealand public tertiary education institutions

This study aimed to examine the extent and nature of smoke-free campus policies at tertiary education institutions (TEIs) throughout New Zealand, and examine the policy development process.

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