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Viewpoint | Potential new regulatory options for e-cigarettes in New Zealand

This viewpoint article on regulatory options for e-cigarettes, written by researchers from ASPIRE2025 and BODE3 , has been published in the New Zealand Medical Journal.

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Article | Estimating the ‘consumer surplus’ for branded versus standardised tobacco packaging

This study estimated how standardised packaging compared to a proven tobacco control intervention, price increases through excise taxes, thus providing a quantitative measure of standardised packaging's likely effect.

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Seminar | Tobacco-Free Generation: What, Why and How?

Friday 27 November | Hear Professor Jon Berrick, of the National University of Singapore discuss the Tobacco-Free Generation proposal. Is the Tobacco-Free Generation an idea we should consider in New Zealand? 

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Interview | How can New Zealand be smokefree by 2025?

Hear Professor Richard Edwards discuss how New Zealand can be smokefree by 2025?

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Blog | Taxing tobacco in NZ: What we know and what could be next

This Public Health Expert Blog takes a timely look at what is known about tobacco tax increases in this country, what remains unknown, and what might be needed next.

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