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Seminar | Constraining Government Regulatory Authority: Tobacco Industry Trade Threats and Tobacco Plain Packaging

Register now for our next ASPIRE2025 seminar, presented by Eric Crosbie from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Hear how transnational tobacco companies are using trade agreements to constrain government regulatory authority.

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Letter | The potential of Google Street View for studying smokefree signage

This research indicates that smokefree signage in schools, which is required by law in New Zealand, is absent from many North Island schools.

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Article | Effects of brand variants on smokers’ choice behaviours and risk perceptions

This research explored how brand descriptors affected smokers’ responses to plain packs featuring different variant name combinations.

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Article | “Smoking is bad, it’s not cool…yet I’m still doing it”: Cues for tobacco consumption in a ‘dark’ market

Despite the absence of overt promotion of smoking or cigarettes, evidence shows that attempting quitters struggle to stop smoking. This study explores the stimuli that encourage smoking and failed quit attempts.

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Article | Young Adult Smokers’ and Prior-Smokers’ Evaluations of Novel Tobacco Warning Images

This study compared novel and traditional on-pack warnings as a trigger to prompt cessation among young adults.

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