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Article | A qualitative analysis of ‘informed choice’ among young adult smokers

Flaws in the tobacco industry’s argument that smokers exercise “informed adult choice” when they start smoking have been highlighted in a new study led by ASPIRE2025 researcher Rebecca Gray.

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Article | Posting behaviour patterns in an online smoking cessation social network: Implications for intervention design and development

This ASPIRE2025 study aimed to identify patterns in individual use of an online cessation support network (OCSN), such as New Zealand’s Quitline Quit Blogs, and explore their implications for future intervention design.

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Article | A systematic review on the impact of point-of-sale tobacco promotion on smoking

Ending the display and promotion of cigarettes and tobacco in retail shops helps prevent young people taking up smoking and keeps quitters on track.

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Protected: Seminar slides | Novel interventions to reduce smoking among young adults

This post is password protected. If you are a member of the New Zealand tobacco control sector and do not have the password, please use the form on the 'contact us' page or email

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Seminar | Novel interventions to reduce smoking among young adults

Thank you to Professor Pamela Ling for giving such an interesting presentation on tobacco marketing, social branding and young adults. ASPIRE2025 would also like to thank the many people who attended, we look forward to seeing you at a future seminar.

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