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Blog | What does recent biomarker literature say about the likely harm from e-cigarettes?

This Public Health Expert blog considers recent studies in which the biomarker levels in e-cigarette users (vapers) are compared to those from tobacco smokers.

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Letter | Survey of smokefree signage at playgrounds: the potential value of comparisons with dog control signage

This study aimed to identify the extent of coverage and quality of smokefree signage around children’s playgrounds in a sample of New Zealand local government areas.

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Article | Impact of removing point-of-sale tobacco displays: data from a New Zealand youth survey

This study suggests that July 2012 legislation that removed all point-of-sale tobacco displays from shops selling cigarettes has helped reduce smoking among New Zealand school students to record low levels.

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News | HRC funding success for ASPIRE2025 projects

New projects from ASPIRE2025 researchers have been awarded over $3M in funding from the HRC. One study will examine Māori/non-Māori smoking disparities , another will look at supporting informed e-cigarette use and another will analyse Quitline data in order to assist smoking cessation providers in making decisions.

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Article | Little change in tobacco imagery on New Zealand television: 10 years on

This study examined changes in the frequency and contexts of tobacco imagery on New Zealand television since 2004.

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