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ASPIRE2025 research at the 2012 World Conference on Tobacco or Health, Singapore

The 2012 World Conference on Tobacco or Health provided a great opportunity for ASPIRE2025 researchers to present their work and outline their contributions to research and policy in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We’ve uploaded PDF copies of our presentations and posters, which you can access using the links given below.


Richard Edwards: Developments with Endgames in New Zealand: The Smokefree 2025 goal.

Janet Hoek: An Evaluation of Alternative On-pack Quitline Information Formats.

George Thomson, Vimal Patel, & Nick Wilson: Business reactions to smokefree shopping streets proposal: New Zealand.

George Thomson and Nick Wilson. Options for controlling tobacco supply [invited presentation].

Vimal Patel, George Thomson, & Nick Wilson: Children and smokers in cars: Differences across two NZ city areas.


Richard Edwards, Nick Wilson, Jo Peace, Deepa Weerasekera, George Thomson, & Heather Gifford: Which Smokers Support a Tobacco Endgame and Increased Regulation of the Tobacco Industry? Results from a national survey.

Richard Edwards, Jo Peace, Marie Russell, Heather Gifford, George Thomson, & Nick Wilson: ‘Daring to Dream’: Public understanding of and reactions to a possible endgame solution. Recognised as one of the top eight posters at WCTOH (following a review of 1,100+ abstracts).

Janet Hoek, Cherie Robertson, David Hammond, & Lisa McNeill: How do young adult women smokers perceive dissuasive cigarette sticks?

Janet Hoek, Anna Hoek-Sims, & Philip Gendall: An exploration of young adult smokers’ self-exempting beliefs.

Philip Gendall, Janet Hoek, Richard Edwards, George Thomson, Heather Gifford, & Jude McCool: Young adults’ interpretations of tobacco brands: Evidence for plain packaging.

Louise Marsh, Rob McGee, Andrew Gray,Rhiannon Newcombe, & Judy Li: Smoking cessation perceptions and behaviours among adolescent smokers in New Zealand: 2002 to 2008.

Photos of ASPIRE2025 researchers in action!

Comments and Reflections on the Conference

ASPIRE2025 comments on 2012 WCTOH

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