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Letter | Outpouring of public support for wider smokefree area

Background—New information on public support for new smokefree policies in New Zealand comes from a very large (n=20,792) poll of public opinion. The poll was run on the Stuff website below an article on possible differences between political parties (National and Maori parties), about the nature of the Government’s Smokefree 2025 policy. The article was headed Total smoking ban too difficult – Key. The poll took one aspect of the ending of tobacco use, smokefree areas. The question asked was: Where should smoking be banned? Six options were provided (only one could be selected). Comments could be made below the article in the Stuff website.


Citation: Thomson, G., & Wilson, N. (2012). Outpouring of public support for wider smokefree area (Letter). New Zealand Medical Journal, 125 (1359).

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