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ASPIRE2025 Research at Tobacco-Free Aotearoa Conference 2012

Thank you to the many people who joined us to hear the latest research from ASPIRE2025 at the Tobacco-Free Aotearoa Conference held in Wellingtonfrom  Nov. 7-9

We’ve uploaded PDF copies of our presentations which you can access using the links given below.


Rebecca Gray – Talking about choices: Discourse and the question of smokers’ “informed choice”

Tak Ikeda – Projecting smoking prevalence in New Zealand and scope for achieving the government’s Smokefree Nation 2025 Goal

Richard Edwards – Who is starting smoking? An investigation of uptake among all ages using prospectively collected data

Louise Marsh – What do young people want in terms of smoking cessation?

Stephanie Erick – Research Innovation for exploring Pacific messages – presentation to come

Stephanie Erick – Translation please! Developing messages for Pacific smokers – presentation to come

Heather Gifford – Increasing the puff of the Quit Card provider workforce in the Whanganui region

Nick Wilson – What are the most plausible tobacco endgame strategies for achieving the government’s smokefree 2025 goal?

Louise Marsh – Spatial characteristics of tobacco retailers in New Zealand

Nick Wilson – ‘Lessons for the tobacco endgame from past NZ successes with hazard elimination’

Richard Jaine – Tobacco retailers’ views on current and potential tobacco control measures

Ninya Maubach – “You’re Not OK”: Smokers’ experiences of stigmatisation

Janet Hoek – Beyond toe tags: An analysis of alternative smokefree messages

Brent Caldwell – Can more rapid-acting nicotine replacement therapies increase quit rates?

Julian Crane – A pilot study of the acceptability of snus

Philip Gendall – Tobacco packaging as mobile billboards – What do they communicate?

Philip Gendall – Why plain packaging is a proportionate measure

Janet Hoek – Plain Sticks: The next step in dissuasive packaging?

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