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Conference Report | Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT), Boston 2013

The 2013 International Meeting of the SRNT was held in Boston, USA in March 2013.  Attendees from NZ included ASPIRE2025’s director, Professor Richard Edwards and researcher, Anaru Waa.

SRNT 2013 majored on several cutting edge topics: electronic cigarettes, nicotine and other product regulation, and, strikingly for the first time, on the end game and elimination of cigarettes.

A report has been prepared by a number of the NZ tobacco control sector attendees, bringing together some of  their impressions and key points from the conference. We hope you find this useful.

Report on SRNT, Boston 2013

Report prepared by:
Professor Richard Edwards (ASPIRE2025, University of Otago), Anaru Waa (ASPIRE2025, University of Otago), Ben Youdan (ASH), Dr Murray Laugesen (HNZ and End Smoking NZ), Dr Natalie Walker (NIHI) and Dr Hayden McRobbie (Inspiring Ltd)

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