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Article | Public support for more action on smoking


An online survey of 414 smokers and 414 non-smokers found strong support among New Zealanders for more tobacco control interventions. In particular, support for interventions that will protect children—smokefree playgrounds and smokefree cars when children are in them—was very high among both smokers and non-smokers. Predictably, non-smokers were more likely than smokers to support other tobacco control interventions including extending outdoor smokefree areas and restricting the availability of tobacco. Nevertheless, there was widespread support for the tobacco ‘end game’ goal of reducing smoking prevalence from around 20% to 5% or less by 2025. These results are consistent with growing evidence of public support for stronger tobacco control interventions and confirm that preventive health measures have broad public appeal.

Citation: Gendall, P., Hoek, J., Maubach, N., Edwards, R. (2013). Public support for more action on smoking. New Zealand Medical Journal, 126(1375), (requires password to view until December 2013).

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