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Letter | How do adolescents perceive plain packaging?

A recent ASPIRE2025 study used ASH Y10 data to examine New Zealand adolescents’ support for plain packaging. The findings revealed a very similar level of support (64% in 2012) to that of adults, which was recently estimated at 69%. The most recent dataset showed majority support for plain packaging among all demographic groups (age, gender, ethnicity and SES).

The researchers call on the government to accelerate implementation of plain packaging and note there is not only strong public support for this measure, but a robust body of empirical and qualitative research documenting the benefits it will deliver.

To read more, view this letter published in NZ Medical Journal.

Citation: Hoek J., Healey B., Gendall P., Edwards R., Jaine R. (2013) How do adolescents perceive plain packaging? (Letter) NZ Medical Journal Vol 126 No 1383; URL: (login required before April 2014)

For further information, contact:

Professor Janet Hoek
University of Otago

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