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Conference | Smokefree Oceania, October 2013, Auckland.

It was great to see so many at Smokefree Oceania last week.

A number of people requested to view again the excellent keynote speeches given by Heather Gifford and Richard Edwards so these can now be viewed by clicking on the titles below. Presentations from other ASPIRE2025 researchers have also now been added and can also be viewed below.

Keynote presentations:

Is sharing tobacco within the home really good manaakitanga??
Heather Gifford discusses the myriad reasons for the uptake of tobacco within the context of Māori households, moving beyond explanation to posing possible solutions. In particular deconstructing the notion of manaakitanga in relation to social supply.

Legislation and regulation: where to next, and how?
Richard presents some ideas about the priorities for tobacco control legislation and regulation in the Oceania region and thoughts about how their introduction and implementation can be facilitated.

Further ASPIRE2025 presentations:

The place of tobacco supply control in the context of broader tobacco control measures – Richard Edwards (Gateway)

Too Hard Basket or Health for All? Getting to Know New Zealand Smokers with Mental Health Issues – Stella McGough

Smokefree Outdoor Areas in New Zealand: How far have we come? – Louise Marsh

Exploring an Oxymoron: “Informed Adult Choice” at the Time of Smoking Uptake – Rebecca Gray

“But It’s Not Me on the Packet”: Making Risk Communication Relevant for Young Adult Smokers – please contact Rebecca Gray

What is Needed to Achieve New Zealand’s Smokefree Nation Goal: Results from a Forecasting Model – Tak Ikeda

Do Changes in Neighbourhood and Household Level of Smoking Result in Changes in Smoking Behaviour? – George Thomson

Determinants of Adolescents Perceptions of Plain Packaging – Janet Hoek

An Evaluation of New Zealand’s Smokefree Media Strategy and the 2025 Goal – Richard Edwards

Modelling the Impact of Reduced Tobacco Outlets: Could this Achieve the Smokefree 2025 Goal? – please contact Amber Pearson

Maori Nurses and Smoking: Tensions and Intentions – Heather Gifford

How are Tobacco Companies Preparing for Plain Packaging? A Survey of Discarded Tobacco Packaging in New Zealand – Richard Edwards

Could Evocative Brand Variant Names Undermine Plain Packaging? – Janet Hoek

Impact of Foreign Tobacco Carried into NZ and the 2025 Smokefree Goal: Evidence from a Discarded Pack Collection Study – Richard Edwards

Smoking Denormalisation: What Can We Do Now? – George Thomson

How Is Tobacco Control Reported in New Zealand Newspapers? – Rob McGee

The Tobacco Endgame in New Zealand: How Might Tobacco Taxation Contribute for Maori and All New Zealanders? – please contact Nick Wilson

Cheaper by the Carton: Pacific People and their Perceptions Around Purchase and Supply of Dutyfree Cigarettes – El-Shadan Tautolo

“I Want to Live in a Country Where No-one Smokes” Trends in Adolescents’ Support for a Smokefree 2025 – Richard Jaine

The Visibility of Smoking Outside Bars and Cafes: New Methodology and Results – George Thomson and Amber Pearson

Exploring the Impact of Outdoor Secondhand Smoke Drift on Indoor Air Quality in New Zealand Restaurants – Frederieke van der Deen

Why Can’t I Agree to Disagree? Tobacco Industry Efforts to Manipulate Public Opinion About Plain Packaging – please contact Andrew Waa


What elements improve the perceived communication effectiveness of cessation messages? Ninya Maubach

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