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Article | What Do Young New Zealanders Want in Terms of Smoking Cessation?


This study examines young New Zealand smokers’ views of what would help them quit smoking. A qualitative investigation using 10 focus groups with 66 current young smokers, aged between 15 and 17 years, was conducted throughout New Zealand, in late 2011. Transcripts from the focus groups were analysed using NVivo, and common themes and categories within themes were identified.

Around half the participants had made a quit attempt in the past, some had tried multiple times using a range of methods; all were unsuccessful. They described both mental and physical difficulties for young people quitting.

The participants developed an array of ideas for how to help young people quit smoking, encompassing having supportive people around them, making personal changes and adopting alternative behaviours to smoking, legislative changes, and ideas that were unique to young people.

Cessation strategies which reach high risk smokers such as young people, Māori and Pacific peoples, are going to be vital for achieving a smokefree Aotearoa by 2025.


Marsh L., Dawson A. and McGee R. (2013) What Do Young New Zealanders Want in Terms of Smoking Cessation?. Journal of Smoking Cessation, available on CJO2013. doi:10.1017/jsc.2013.30.

For more information please contact:
Louise Marsh
University of Otago

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