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Seminar | Tobacco-Free Generation: What, Why and How?

ASPIRE2025 is delighted to bring you this opportunity to hear from Professor Jon Berrick, of the National University of Singapore. Professor Berrick is one of the pioneers of the Tobacco-Free Generation proposal.

His seminar will describe the rationale for the Tobacco-Free Generation, and report back on evidence of its feasibility and progress with implementation in various jurisdictions.

You will also hear from the BODE3 research team as they present their work modelling the impact of the Smokefree Generation in NZ – including the health gain and cost savings.

Date: Friday 27 November
Time: 12.45 – 2pm
Place: Small Lecture Theatre, University of Otago, Wellington, 23a Mein Street, Newtown.

There is no cost to attend, but please register to For those outside of Wellington, this seminar is also available by web-conference.

Tobacco-Free Generation

With more than 80% of smokers starting by age 18, preventing youth initiation may be key component of ending the tobacco epidemic. One novel preventive measure is the tobacco-free generation proposal. It addresses the current problem that under-age laws inadvertently stimulate youth demand, by instead moving to a cohort-based approach. This would confine sales to those born before a specified year, such as the year 2000, effectively increasing the legal age of sale by one year every year; hence creating a tobacco free generation.

The idea was originally proposed in Singapore and Tasmania is the first jurisdiction in the world to put forward a legislative proposal. Is the Tobacco-Free Generation an idea we should consider in New Zealand?

Professor AJ Berrick

Professor Berrick is a Professor of Science (Mathematics) at the National University of Singapore and a previous winner of Singapore’s National Science Award .

Along with his books and numerous research papers in mathematics, he has a strong interest in tobacco control. Arguing for a tobacco-free generation approach to tobacco eradication,
Professor Berrick has published in the leading journal Tobacco Control and  been invited to lecture on the Tobacco- Free Generation across the globe.

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Don’t forget to register by email to by Wednesday 25 November.


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