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Seminar | Thinking big on smokefree outdoor areas

We invite you to an ASPIRE2025 seminar with Councillor Richard Foster from Melbourne, Australia.

Councillor Foster is an Australian leader in the creation of smokefree pedestrian areas, and has helped drive the growing downtown smokefree outdoor policies in Melbourne. He is the chairperson of the People City portfolio of Melbourne City Council.

Councillor Foster will discuss Melbourne City’s successful experience in making downtown areas smokefree. He will outline the processes involved, practical solutions and successes.

This is an opportunity for businesses, planners, the health sector and others to learn about this interface between urban design and health.

Register now and think big on smokefree streets.

Date: Friday 12 February
Time: 12.15pm – 1.30pm
Place: Small Lecture Theatre, University of Otago, Wellington, 23a Mein Street, Newtown.

There is no cost to attend, but please register to For those outside of Wellington, this seminar is also available by web-conference.

For more information please view flyer.

Councillor Richard Foster

Richard has enjoyed a long career in the legal industry and the welfare sector in roles spanning the investigation of corporate crime, dispute resolution, community welfare, and consumer advocacy. In 2010, Richard helped pioneer multi-disciplinary legal practice at Monash University in Melbourne and has since gone on to develop and lead the world-first Community Placement Program which teaches students about the challenges faced by the not-for-profit sector. In 2012, Richard was made an Industry Fellow of the Faculty of Business and Economics at Monash.

In public office since 2012, Richard has focused on making Melbourne more liveable for those who often miss out. Homelessness has been an issue on which he has advocated strongly, as well as delivering better public transport and building a safer city. But he is perhaps best known as the Councillor who introduced smoke-free zones to Melbourne. From a successful pilot in 2013, Richard has since moved to introduce seven permanent smoke-free zones across the CBD in areas including outdoor dining precincts, retail areas and event spaces – all overwhelmingly popular among businesses, residents and visitors. He plans to introduce additional smoke-free zones during 2016.

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