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Blog | Will liberalising nicotine availability increase quitting?

April 2017

Do the New Zealand (NZ) Government’s proposed changes to liberalise the e-cigarette market set out a robust process for helping people who smoke to switch to e-cigarettes?

In this Public Health Expert blog, ASPIRE2025 researchers discuss the proposed regulatory changes and explain some of the complex practices smokers must adopt when commencing vaping. They suggest limiting supply of nicotine e-cigarettes to specialist vape stores and pharmacies, to ensure people wishing to quit smoking can obtain expert advice and thus maximise their chances of quitting. They also argue that, at the same time as liberalising access to nicotine e-cigarettes, the Government should restrict access to tobacco, which remains available at thousands of retail outlets throughout NZ.

To read the full Public Health Expert blog, view Will liberalising nicotine availability increase quitting?

Prof Janet Hoek, Mei-Ling Blank, Prof Nick Wilson, Lindsay Robertson, Dr Louise Marsh

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Professor Janet Hoek
University of Otago

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