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Report | ASPIRE2025 Annual Report for 2017

We are delighted to share with you the 2017 ASPIRE2025 Annual Report, which highlights the many and varied studies we have undertaken during the past year. It reflects a year of intensive work by a team inspired to achieve the Smokefree2025 goal and the profound health and social benefits that would follow.

Highlights from 2017 which are featured in our report include:

  • New projects that received funding including a major new Marsden project
  • An update on major projects underway such as NZ-ITC, TAKe, EC-IC and FASE
  • The launch of the ASAP reports
  • Spotlight on tobacco supply and retailing
  • Much collaborative success

We welcome your feedback on our work and, as always, would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your research needs with you.

Please view the report here:

ASPIRE2025 Annual Report 2017 high res (8MB)

ASPIRE2025 Annual Report 2017 low res (3MB)

For further information please contact any of our team or email

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