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Conference Report I SRNT, New Orleans 2020

The international SRNT conference took place on March 11th-14th 2020. ASPIRE researchers Mei-Ling Blank and Richard Edwards report some key updates and learnings here srnt2020_report_final2

ASPIRE 2025 research presented at SRNT New Orleans

  1. Blank M-L, Hoek J. Enhancing roll-your-own loose tobacco packaging warning labels with self-efficacy and response efficacy messages: a qualitative exploration. POD 3-5.
  2. Edwards R, Stanley J, Hoek J, Waa AM, White M, Kaai SC, Ouimet J, Quah ACK, Fong GT. Denormalisation of smokers in the context of an endgame goal: findings from the ITC New Zealand survey. POS 1-93 SRNT 2020 Denorm Empiricl ITC Poster
  3. Gendall P, Hoek J. Support for ENDS regulation among smoking and vaping groups. POS 1-70. SUPPORT FOR ENDS REGULATION LS
  4. Gendall P, Hoek J. Effectiveness of e-cigarette information messages. POS 4-27. 2020-02 Janet ENDS Info Messages LS
  5. Haggart K, Hoek J, Edwards R, Waa AM. Smoking denormalisaton: a conceptual framework. A CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK FOR SMOKING DENORMALISATION LS
  6. Hoek J, Gendall P. Perceptions of vaping among smokers and non-smokers Poster presentation. POS 1-67. Perceptions of Vaping LS
  7. Hoek J, Gendall P. An analysis of factors prompting ENDS uptake among smokers and non-smokers POS 4-30. Why do vapers vape LS
  8. Hoek J, Gendall P. An analysis of factors prompting ENDS use and discontinuation among former vapers. POS 1-69. ENDS DISCONTINUATION LS
  9. Waa AM, Edwards R, Stanley J, Hoek J, White M, Kaai SC, Ouimet J, Quah ACK, Fong GT. Normative beliefs about the social acceptability of smoking and associations with quitting behaviour: findings from the 2016-2018 ITC New Zealand survey. 2020-03 Exposure and Normative Beliefs LS

A presentation by Richard Edwards on the New Zealand experience of regulation of alternative nicotine delivery systems within Symposium 17: Emerging non-combustible nicotine and tobacco products: a global policy perspective led by the SRNT Policy Network did not go ahead due to the cancellation of the Symposium. The organisers plan to run this as a SRNT webinar instead, probably in May 2020.




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