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Editorial | E-cigarettes, vaping and a Smokefree Aotearoa: where to next?

An editorial by ASPIRE researchers published in the New Zealand Medical Journal discusses the next steps that are needed for achieving a Smokefree Aotearoa by 2025 once the current Vaping Bill has finally been passed.

Suggested priorities include robust monitoring and evaluation of the Bill’s impacts and introducing the long-awaited Government Action Plan including measures to strengthen the regulation of smoked tobacco products and reduce their appeal, addictiveness and availability.

The full article can be read here:


Edwards, R., Hoek, J., Waa, A. (2020) E-cigarettes, vaping and a Smokefree Aotearoa: where to next?. N Z Med J. 2020;133(1517):14-17. Published 2020 Jun 26.

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