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Webinar | Vaping in Canada: What can New Zealand learn from Canada’s evolving nicotine and cannabis regulations?

THURSDAY 30 July,  12pm -1pm (NZST)

***Please note registrations close at midnight, Wednesday 29 July***

The ASPIRE2025 Centre is delighted to welcome international researcher, Professor David Hammond, from the University of Waterloo in Canada for this webinar presentation.

Our webinars address questions that should be of particular interest to people in the public health and smokefree sectors, and others interested in public health policy.

For this second webinar in the series, Professor Hammond will outline what New Zealand may learn from Canada’s evolving nicotine and cannabis regulations.


Canada provides one of the most interesting natural experiments in vaping regulation. Prior to 2018, Canada had a highly restricted market, in which nicotine-containing e-cigarettes were not approved for legal sale or marketing. However, a federal act in May 2018 liberalized the market, such that it was closer to the US e-cigarette market. Following increases in youth vaping, federal and provincial regulations are now moving back towards a more restricted market, including comprehensive bans on marketing, nicotine limits, flavour bans, and restrictions on retail access. The presentation will examine trends in vaping among adults and youth in Canada, including data from the ITC Youth surveys, with comparative trends between Canada, England, and the US.

The talk will also examine recent trends in vaping cannabis and THC oils –and the overlap between the nicotine and cannabis markets—following legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada in 2018/19. The discussion will consider implications for nicotine and cannabis policies in New Zealand.


Professor David Hammond is an award winning tobacco control researcher from the School of Public Health and Health Systems, University of Waterloo in Canada.

We encourage you to take a look at his bio here.


***Please note registrations close at midnight, Wednesday 29 July***

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We welcome registration from people in the public health and smokefree sectors, and others interested in public health policy.

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Professor Richard Edwards
University of Otago, Wellington

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