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Webinar | Youth smoking and vaping in Aotearoa: No room for complacency

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The third webinar of the series follows on from Dave Hammond’s presentation on vaping in Canada, but brings the focus back to Aotearoa New Zealand.


Dr Jude Ball will look at trends and demographic patterns in adolescent smoking and vaping, drawing particularly on new data from the Youth19 survey, which covers 13-18 year olds. Although the story of youth smoking in this country over the past 20 years is largely a success story, there is reason for concern about the most recent trends. We argue a renewed focus on prevention is needed, particularly in Māori and Pacific communities.

Andrew Waa will highlight the importance of ongoing monitoring of youth smoking and vaping. We are at a critical time of change, with the long term decline in youth smoking apparently at an end, and vaping increasing rapidly in this age group in recent years. Future trajectories are highly uncertain, and regular monitoring is vital, particularly for Māori and Pacific young people.

Finally, Professor Janet Hoek will provide brief comment on the new Smokefree Act, assented on August 11, including key provisions that will help protect non-smokers (particularly young people) from vaping uptake. She will also explore opportunities that could be taken via the forthcoming regulations to afford further protection of young people.


The webinar speakers are part of the ASPIRE2025 tobacco control research team.  We encourage you to look at their bios here.


** Please note registrations are now closed **

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Andrew Waa
University of Otago, Wellington

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