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Letter | Why some people who smoke don’t persist with using e-cigarettes – new findings from ITC NZ study

New data from the ITC NZ study has been published in the NZMJ exploring reasons for the discontinuation of use of e-cigarettes (ECs) among 131 study participants (63 Māori) who had tried ECs in the last year but were not currently using them. This information is important because previous evidence from the ITC NZ survey shows that many people who smoke try ECs but don’t persist with their use. The most common reasons given for stopping EC use related to product performance such as that ECs were not satisfying enough (63%), failed to deal with cravings to smoke (52%), or that they had  decided that ECs would not help them to quit smoking (56%). Other common reasons were concern about harmfulness and safety of ECs.

The findings could inform interventions aiming to maximise ECs’ positive impacts on quitting smoking (or switching completely to ECs), such as public education interventions to correct incorrect beliefs about ECs or policy measures seeking to ensure people who smoke get the best advice and support to help them chose the best device for them.

To view the letter view New Zealand Medical Journal (password access may be required)

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Richard Edwards
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