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ASPIRE 2025 statement about the Foundation for a Smokefree World (FSW).

This is a statement on behalf of the ASPIRE 2025 research collaboration about the Foundation for a Smokefree World (FSW).

The FSW is a new funding organisation that has pledged to provide up to $80 million each year globally to fund research that it claims will help achieve a smokefree world. The Foundation is wholly funded by Philip Morris International, one of the world’s biggest tobacco companies. The Foundation claims that its activities will be independent of its source of funding. The FSW has recently announced funding for its first research centre, located in New Zealand.

ASPIRE 2025 will not accept any kind of funding or support from Foundation for a Smoke Free World or any similar tobacco industry-funded research funding organisation. We will also not work together with the Foundation, any similar bodies, or any groups funded by tobacco companies on any research, advocacy, or other projects.

There are several reasons why we will not accept funding from or work with the FSW. These include:

  • Lack of transparency in the process of establishing the Foundation.
  • Inadequate assurances of the Foundation’s independence from its source of funding – Philip Morris International.
  • Continued evidence that the tobacco industry (including Philip Morris International) is promoting smoked tobacco products and opposing the implementation of effective public health measures to reduce smoking.
  • The likelihood that the Foundation’s true purposes are to promote corporate public relations and distract and divide the tobacco control community.

Links to statements from the WHO and CAPHIA (Council of Academic Public Health Institutions of Australasia) are provided below for additional information.

CAPHIA statement

WHO statement

For more information please contact:

Professor Richard Edwards

Professor Janet Hoek

Anaru Waa

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