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Professor Richard Edwards

richard edwards 2015Richard Edwards, MB BChir, MRCP, FCPHM(NZ), MPH, MD

Richard trained originally as a public health physician in the UK, and is the Head of Department for the Department of Public Health. He has over 15 years of experience in tobacco control practice and research in the UK and New Zealand. Richard is Co-Director of ASPIRE2025, and co-principal investigator on the Marsden Fund Grant project Exploring an oxymoron: Smoking as an ‘informed choice’.

Research expertise

  • Tobacco control policy research including point of sale displays, smokefree policies, tax and price, and endgame solutions
  • Tobacco use initiation
  • Tobacco use epidemiology

Current or recently completed research projects have included:

  • An evaluation of the 2003 Smokefree Amendment Act in New Zealand
  • Air quality studies in hospitality venues, cars and other settings in New Zealand and the UK
  • An investigation of the influence of point-of-sale tobacco displays and the effectiveness of the removal of point-of-sale displays in New Zealand and internationally
  • Exploring influences on the uptake of smoking among Māori and non-Māori children
  • An investigation of the feasibility of endgame solutions to tobacco control in New Zealand

Richard is a Deputy Editor of the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research.
He gave the keynote address and was a recipient of the Cancer Council of Queensland William Rudder Travelling Fellowship for the 2011 Oceania Tobacco Control Conference.

Contact Details
Email Richard Edwards
Phone +64 4 918 5089
Post Department of Public Health
School of Medicine
University of Otago
New Zealand

Selected recent publications

1. Gray R, Hoek J, Edwards R. A qualitative analysis of “informed choice” among young adult smokers. Tobacco Control 2014. Published online September 10, 2014 as 10.1136/tobaccocontrol-2014-051793.
2. Healey B, Hoek J, Edwards R. Posting behaviour patterns in an online smoking cessation social network: Implications for intervention design and development. PLoS One (in press)
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