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Posts from the ‘Findings and Views’ Category

Article | Going ‘Super Value’ in New Zealand: cigarette pricing strategies during a period of sustained annual excise tax increases

ASPIRE researchers recently found that tobacco companies have undermined the intended impact of excise taxes by creating new lower-priced brands or brand variants, and by manipulating excise tax increases in their brand pricing.

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Article | Modelling the impacts of tobacco denicotinisation on achieving the Smokefree 2025 goal in Aotearoa New Zealand

This paper explores the potential impact of denicotinisation of tobacco products as proposed in the Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 Action Plan.

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Blog | New Zealand: Ground-breaking action plan may help country achieve its Smokefree 2025 goal

This blog outlines NZ's approach to achieve rapid and equitable reductions in smoking, including some ‘endgame’ measures not yet implemented nationally in any other country.

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Blog | Key findings on smoking and e-cigarette use prevalence and trends in the 2020/21 NZ Health Survey

This blog explores the 2020/21 New Zealand Health Survey data to assess patterns of change in smoking prevalence, investigate factors potentially driving the reported decrease in prevalence, and examine possible implications of these changes.

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Article | A survey of the smokefree status of pedestrian-only spaces in 10 New Zealand local government areas

This study describes the smokefree status and signage of outdoor pedestrian-only plazas/malls/boulevards in 10 New Zealand local government (council) areas.

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