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Posts from the ‘Findings and Views’ Category

Letter | Better Help for Smokers to Quit targets need evaluation and integration with community-based services

This letter published in the New Zealand Medical Journal discusses smoking cessation in hospitals and the need to improve the degree of integration and follow-up with cessation support services outside of hospitals following discharge.

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Article | Socio-demographic characteristics of New Zealand adult smokers, exsmokers and non-smokers: results from the 2013 Census

This article describes the smoking prevalence by key socio-demographic characteristics (age, gender, ethnicity, education, labour status, income and socioeconomic deprivation) in New Zealand in 2013 and makes comparisons with 2006.

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COP7 Bulletin | Smokefree 2025 Aotearoa/ New Zealand

The COP7 (Conference of the Parties 7) for the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control was held in November in Delhi, India. An article on Smokefree 2025 was featured in the conference bulletin.

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Blog | Should Smokefree Indoor Areas = Vapefree Areas?

In this blog, we consider arguments about the indoor public settings where vaping should be allowed or prohibited.

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Blog | A Policy and Research Agenda for Roll-Your-Own Tobacco

In this Public Health Expert blog our tobacco control researchers outline findings from recent studies examining roll-your-own tobacco use and explore potential policy implications.

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