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Posts from the ‘Opinion and Media’ Category

Blog | Will liberalising nicotine availability increase quitting?

In this blog, we discuss the proposed regulatory changes for e-cigarettes and explain some of the complex practices smokers must adopt when commencing vaping.

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Blog | Should Smokefree Indoor Areas = Vapefree Areas?

In this blog, we consider arguments about the indoor public settings where vaping should be allowed or prohibited.

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Blog | A Policy and Research Agenda for Roll-Your-Own Tobacco

In this Public Health Expert blog our tobacco control researchers outline findings from recent studies examining roll-your-own tobacco use and explore potential policy implications.

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Media | Smokefree 2025 Researchers Welcome Plain Packaging

ASPIRE2025 co-directors say it is excellent news that New Zealand will soon start to see the same benefits as those observed in Australia through standardised packaging.

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Blog | Perspective: Options for Licensed Retailing of Nicotine-Containing E-Cigarettes in NZ

This Public Health Expert blog examines possible pros and cons of two plausible licensed retail options for retailing of Nicotine-Containing E-Cigarettes in NZ: pharmacies and vape shops.

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