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Posts from the ‘Opinion and Media’ Category

Media | Smokefree 2025 Researchers Welcome Plain Packaging

ASPIRE2025 co-directors say it is excellent news that New Zealand will soon start to see the same benefits as those observed in Australia through standardised packaging.

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Blog | Perspective: Options for Licensed Retailing of Nicotine-Containing E-Cigarettes in NZ

This Public Health Expert blog examines possible pros and cons of two plausible licensed retail options for retailing of Nicotine-Containing E-Cigarettes in NZ: pharmacies and vape shops.

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Blog | The hardening hypothesis for smoking – but does the evidence point to “softening” in NZ?

This blog says there is one problem with the hardening hypothesis... Almost all the empirical evidence suggests it is not true.

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Blog | What does recent biomarker literature say about the likely harm from e-cigarettes?

This Public Health Expert blog considers recent studies in which the biomarker levels in e-cigarette users (vapers) are compared to those from tobacco smokers.

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Blog | (Un)licensed to kill: do we need to regulate how tobacco is sold?

This Public Health Expert blog overviews the findings from two recent articles which explored how tobacco sales in New Zealand could be more effectively regulated.

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