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Posts from the ‘Opinion and Media’ Category

Interview | How can New Zealand be smokefree by 2025?

Hear Professor Richard Edwards discuss how New Zealand can be smokefree by 2025?

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Blog | Taxing tobacco in NZ: What we know and what could be next

This Public Health Expert Blog takes a timely look at what is known about tobacco tax increases in this country, what remains unknown, and what might be needed next.

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Opinion | Protect our children: standardise tobacco packaging now

Once a leader on tobacco regulation, NewZealand has fallen behind, write ASPIRE2025 co-directors, Richard Edwards and Janet Hoek in this opinion piece.

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Opinion | Save lives and don’t buckle to tobacco industry on plain packaging

This opinion piece was published in the Dominion Post following Eric Crosbie's recent visit to NZ.

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Blog | Potential new regulatory options for e-cigarettes/ANDS in NZ

In this Public Health Expert blog post our researchers outline some of the possible regulatory options around e-cigarettes (alternative nicotine delivery systems – ANDS) that the NZ Government could explore and that further NZ based research could help clarify.

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