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Posts from the ‘Opinion and Media’ Category

Blog | What does recent biomarker literature say about the likely harm from e-cigarettes?

This Public Health Expert blog considers recent studies in which the biomarker levels in e-cigarette users (vapers) are compared to those from tobacco smokers.

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Blog | (Un)licensed to kill: do we need to regulate how tobacco is sold?

This Public Health Expert blog overviews the findings from two recent articles which explored how tobacco sales in New Zealand could be more effectively regulated.

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Blog | New Zealand Can Lead the World in Tobacco Control: Plain Packaging 2.0

In this Public Health Expert blog by Janet Hoek and Philip Gendall, they identify four key areas for improving on Australia’s legislation to maximise the effectiveness of plain packaging.

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Opinion | ASPIRE2025 support of Plain Packaging in New Zealand

Leading researchers from ASPIRE2025 warmly congratulate the government on announcing that it will pass standardised packaging legislation within the year.

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Letter | Is the NZ Government responding adequately to the Māori Affairs Select Committee’s 2010 recommendations on tobacco control? A brief review

Māori smoking rates have barely changed since 2011, and the Government is not doing enough to address tobacco-related harm amongst Māori, say leading tobacco researchers and public health advocates.

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