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Posts from the ‘Opinion and Media’ Category

Blog | Taxing tobacco in NZ: What we know and what could be next

This Public Health Expert Blog takes a timely look at what is known about tobacco tax increases in this country, what remains unknown, and what might be needed next.

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Opinion | Protect our children: standardise tobacco packaging now

Once a leader on tobacco regulation, NewZealand has fallen behind, write ASPIRE2025 co-directors, Richard Edwards and Janet Hoek in this opinion piece.

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Opinion | Save lives and don’t buckle to tobacco industry on plain packaging

This opinion piece was published in the Dominion Post following Eric Crosbie's recent visit to NZ.

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Blog | Potential new regulatory options for e-cigarettes/ANDS in NZ

In this Public Health Expert blog post our researchers outline some of the possible regulatory options around e-cigarettes (alternative nicotine delivery systems – ANDS) that the NZ Government could explore and that further NZ based research could help clarify.

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Blog | The Smokefree 2025 goal is in danger of receding – will the Ministry of Health’s ‘realignment’ get it back on track?

This Public Health Expert blog, considers the Ministry of Health's proposed realignment of existing tobacco control services and argues that more fundamental change is required to progress New Zealand's Smokefree 2025 goal.

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