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Article | New Zealand adolescents’ discouragement of smoking among their peers

New research suggests young people more often discourage smoking among their peers than encourage it.

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Article | Surveys show exposure to smoking in cars among Year 10 children is not decreasing: time for the Government to act

New evidence shows one in five children continue to be exposed to smoking in cars, and that exposure even increased in 2015.

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Perspectives | Should e-cigarette use be included in indoor smoking bans?

ASPIRE2025 researchers explore some of the arguments for and against extending indoor smoke-free laws to also cover vaping.

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Article | New Zealand tobacco control experts’ views towards policies to reduce tobacco availability

Dramatically changing the way tobacco is sold will be a crucial step in achieving the Government’s 2025 smokefree goal, according to this ASPIRE2025 research.

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Letter | A case study of smokefree outdoor policy options for a city

This study by ASPIRE2025 researchers used New Zealand's capital city (Wellington) as a case study to explore the issues and options for progressing smokefree outdoor policies in urban public spaces.

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