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Posts from the ‘Publications’ Category

Article | Key design features of a new smokefree law to help achieve the Smokefree Aotearoa New Zealand 2025 goal

Sweeping changes to the Smokefree Environments legislation are proposed in this article including positive strategies that are needed to help New Zealand reach its Smokefree 2025 goal.

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Article | Smokers’ perceptions of the relative effectiveness of five tobacco retail reduction policies

This study provides an insight into smokers’ perspectives on the effectiveness of retail reduction strategies, and indicates that some of these could be at least as effective in reducing initiation and promoting quitting as tax increases.

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Article | Achieving the tobacco endgame: evidence on the hardening hypothesis from repeated cross-sectional studies in New Zealand 2008–2014

This study explored whether there is evidence for hardening occuring in NZ with the hypothesised effect that quit rates decline over time.

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Letter | Survey of smokefree signage at playgrounds: the potential value of comparisons with dog control signage

This study aimed to identify the extent of coverage and quality of smokefree signage around children’s playgrounds in a sample of New Zealand local government areas.

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Article | Impact of removing point-of-sale tobacco displays: data from a New Zealand youth survey

This study suggests that July 2012 legislation that removed all point-of-sale tobacco displays from shops selling cigarettes has helped reduce smoking among New Zealand school students to record low levels.

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