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Posts from the ‘Research Reports’ Category

Report | The point prevalence of smoking in selected sports fields and downtown locations in Wellington: Observations in November 2015

This study observed and reported on the point prevalence of smoking at sports grounds and three downtown open spaces of Wellington City.

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Report | Evaluating smokefree compliance in a large smokefree park: Methods issues and results

This study by Nick Wilson and George Thomson, evaluated the smokefree compliance in a large public park in Wellington, New Zealand.

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Report | ASPIRE2025 Annual Report for 2015

We are delighted to share with you our ASPIRE2025 Annual Report for 2015, including our team, our research and our highlights.

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Report | Observations from SRNT Chicago 2016

This 'key themes' document was prepared by members of ASPIRE2025 who attended the SRNT conference in Chicago at the beginning of March 2016.

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Report: Future Directions to Achieve Smokefree 2025?

This report looks at stakeholder perceptions of the smokefree 2025 goal and selected ‘game-changer’ policies for achieving it.

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