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Support for the ASPIRE2025 programme application

Our application has strong support  from sector representatives including academic collaborators, NGOs and community groups, and indigenous health leaders.  All recognise the profound benefits the programme could realise and strongly support the design and proposed outcomes.  Among other points, the letters of support note:

Outstanding Science

Both Professors Fong and Borland highlight the internationally renowned standing the ITC programme has achieved and the profound contributions it has made to tobacco control strategy. New Zealand has a truly unique opportunity to re-join this collaboration and accelerate progress to 2025.


The programme will generate knowledge not available from any other tobacco control study or survey. As Professor Fong noted, it is “an exciting and multi-faceted research programme.. [and] unparalleled in the breadth and depth of the research that will be conducted.”


Supporters note how our programme offers: “enormous possibilities for evaluating and understanding the impact of tobacco control efforts at unprecedented levels of rigour” (Fong)


National and Australian supporters all note the need for innovative new policies and the strong potential for the proposed programme to identify where policy innovation is most needed, and evaluate potential measures.


As Professor Fong has noted, investment in our programme will not only address the objectives we have outlined and enhance New Zealanders’ health and well-being, but will open access to international funding and provide opportunities for New Zealand to once again offer research leadership.


Hapai Te Ara Hā Ora strongly supports our proposed programme and the contribution it will make to reducing the many inequalities attributable to smoking.

Please visit the following links to view the full letters of support (.pdf format):

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