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About ASPIRE2025 – Tobacco Control Research

Achieving Smokefree Priorities In Research and Education

ASPIRE2025 is a partnership between major New Zealand research groups carrying out tobacco control research to help achieve the Government’s goal of a tobacco-free Aotearoa by 2025.  We launched in July 2011.

ASPIRE2025 brings together leading tobacco-control researchers and health service groups in New Zealand and strengthens existing collaborations.  ASPIRE2025 was awarded the status of a University of Otago Research Theme in November 2011.

Our areas of research encompass all the main aspects of tobacco control activity including smoking cessation support, policy and regulatory research, smoking among young people, smokefree communications, Maori health and tobacco use, Pasifika tobacco use, and research capacity development. We will use a translational approach which links the findings from clinical trials, experimental and observational studies, qualitative approaches with end-users of research, to ensure our work contributes directly to reductions in smoking prevalence.

We will continue to expand our New Zealand and international collaborations, and to work with groups that contribute to research design, study recruitment and research end-usage. We look forward to hosting hui, seminars and conferences that bring together the best researchers in tobacco control to debate and address this pivotal health priority.

ASPIRE 2025 statement about Foundation for a Smokefree World

ASPIRE2025 members

Current member organisations include:

Associated bodies include the Health Promotion Agency and Tala Pasifika.  The membership includes many of New Zealand’s leading tobacco-free researchers, whose long-standing, successful collaborations have informed policy and practice for many years.

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